Duct Work

We Build Custom Air Ducts in Springfield Gardens & Jamaica, Queens, NY

Turn to us for custom ductwork installations

If you're experiencing heating and cooling issues, it sometimes has nothing to do with the HVAC unit itself. The ducts that carry the air could be dirty or damaged, causing plenty of annoying issues. Rely on Northpole Air Conditioning & Heating Inc for new ductwork installations in Springfield Gardens or Jamaica, Queens, NY. Getting new, clean ducts for your home or office could make a huge difference for your indoor air quality.

Gain greater peace of mind. Reach out to us today for custom ductwork installations.

Precise fabrication for flawless results

We perform all of our ductwork fabrication in-house. Our team is thorough and creates high-quality ducts by:

  • Using computer automation
  • Utilizing a plasma cutter
  • Working with extreme tolerances


We don't cut any corners when we perform ductwork fabrication. We know how important sturdy ducts are for a central heating and cooling system, so we make sure our ducts are created to last. Call 718-723-6564 today to learn more about our in-house duct creation in Springfield Gardens or Jamaica, Queens, NY.


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